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Thursday, 15 September 2011

BB cream review

As promised on yesterdays blog here is my blog review on Garnier's BB cream in light and i'm afraid to say its not a good one....
So i got up this morning and grabbed myself a glass of water while my pillow wrinkles faded (i know it says "smoothes fine lines" but i thought pillow wrinkles were taking it a step to far).
I then began to apply the BB cream onto my clean skin. It comes out like a thick foundation and when rubbed in feels quite thin although i did use more than i thought i would baring in mind its quite a small tube 50ml. The light shade was perfect for my skin tone but note that at the moment they do only have 2 shades light and medium.
Now bare yourself as i am now going to add a bare faced me.........

As you can see i have quite uneven tones to my skin, redness around the nose, bags under the eyes the list goes on.

Now Here is a picture after i added the BB cream. Now don't forget on the front of the box it says "miracle skin perfector" get ready to be wowed!

Or not!! Ok so a few blemishes have been evened out but i don't think the coverage is as good as when i use my cheap concealer. My skin doesn't really feel any softer and i definitely couldn't leave the house like this!
So i added my usual make up on  top!
So although i can see some improvement i definitely don't think its worth the £9.99 price tag as i think you would get similar if not better results from a tab of concealer or a mix of your foundation and moisturier.
I will however give the BB cream some time as i can't expect miracles on the 1st try so i will report back to you with any change but for now i wouldn't recommened it and feel a bit let down by all the promises on the box of perfect skin


  1. thanks for posting this! I've not heard good things either but the tv adverts and stuff pull me in! I was kinda hoping you could just apply it and not have to worry with other foundations, bad times. I look forward to seeing if it gets better with time! xxxxx

  2. X Becca I know what you mean i too was pulled in a hoped it would be better than it was but arh well like i said will keep going with it and let you know. If you had perfect skin i guess you could apply and go but then that would defeat the object of the cream if you already had perfect skin lol. Thanks xx