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Sunday, 18 September 2011

Boots product tester xx

In a previous blog i mentioned about being a product tester for Boots and promised to explain more about it.....Firstly i would like to start by saying i hope you don't think im bragging about what i received etc im just sharing with you all so you can get freebies too!!!!! xx

It all started when browsing through the Boots website looking through some nail varnish colours and  i noticed you could leave reviews, now i find reviews really helpful especially when ordering straight from the web so i registered and started leaving reviews on products I've tried.
A few month later i had a letter sent to my house thanking me for leaving reviews and inviting me to be a product tester for Boots, they would send me products to try and i had to leave my review on there website with in the given time ie 48hrs so i replied by email to accept there invitation thinking i wouldn't receive anything or maybe i would just review one thing a year if that and it would probably be tampons or something boring lol
About 3 weeks later i was surprised to receive my 1st product to review and it was the Clarins Daily Energizers starter kit worth £19.50 as pictured below
I left my review and i thought that's all i would be lucky enough to receive i have since reviewed.......
Lancome hypnose doll eyes full size worth £20.50

Toothpaste tiny tube of colgate

ModelCo fibre lash full size worth £35
A Simple eye make up corrector pen full size worth £4.99

Mens Armani code sport aftershave 50ml received with a letter asking me to give to the man in my life and leave a review on what we both thought. worth £45

and finally the bio effect serum 5ml worth £49

What i would suggest is that you head over to boots and start leaving some reviews (as i did) or you can use the link below and register to become a product tester (as my sister did, Hi x)  and she has just reviewed her 1st product to review the Max Factor ageless 2 in 1 foundation worth £12.99

So Good luck and i hope you all get to become product testers too YAY!!
Hope this helps i will blog if i receive anything in the future from Boots xx


  1. Oh my gosh you hit the jack pot there! I fully understand what you mean about reviews, I use them all the time and dont buy anything unless its rated highly! xxxx

  2. X Becca. Thank you Becca i think everything online should have reviews lol xx

  3. Wow, how lucky. Just shows that if you do something nice for people then it can have it rewards

  4. X- Maxine Meighan- Thats very true Maxine xx