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Thursday, 22 September 2011

Pay day wish list xx

Well with pay day on it way. Yippee!!!!
 I've been searching the net for some goodies to buy.....Well it would be rude not too!!

Wish one.......x   Black patent heels from Debenhams only £20!
(I have a family wedding in October and these would go lovely with my dress)
Wish 2......x Blazer Dorothy Perkins £39
(I already have a black blazer but it sometimes feels and bit black and formal)

Wish 3......x Sheen supreme Mac lipstick in Gotta Dash  Debenhams £13.50
(I only have one of these so far in behave yourself and bloody love the lip balm feel and color)

Wish 4......x   Red jeans Dorothy Perkins £30
(Not sure where  or how i would wear them but i think its love!!)

Wish 5......x  You look nice today cushion cover H&M £6.99
(Would look so cute on our bed as we have a vintage style metal bed)

Wish 6.......x Blue and red check shirt H&M £14
(Great for Autumn with some skinny jeans and navy lace pumps)

Wish 7......x No7 Protect and perfect day cream Boots £21
(Oh dear this should never be on anyone wish list but if i don't start now it will be to late and the crows feet will be here)

Wish 8.....x Tripple gel bra (AMAZING!!) white bra La senza Normally £28 now £20
(I already have one of these but its bright blue so can't be worn with light tops so i need a lighter coloured one they are amazing for us smaller chested ladies if you have tried one try it!!!)

Wish 9..........x  Stone bag Ebay £17.98
I could actually do with one of these in all 3 colours as they also do black and brown

Wish 10......x A good haircut (My bob has well and truly grown out)

Whats on your wish list??? xx


  1. That cushion cover is adorable! Love the heels as well!

    Your blog is really cute doll!!!

  2. I agree the cushion cover is adorable and the shoes are only £20 bargain. Thanks for your message xx

  3. I love the cushion covers too :) socute and I love cushions :) x.x

  4. X MissLyndseyJA - I love cushions too! x