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Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Easy white tip manicure.

With chipped nail varnish that needed to come off i thought i would take the oppertunity to show you how i easily manuicure my nails. Works well on toes too which can somtimes be tricky to get a neat white line on them.

You will need:

  1. Nail varnish remover
  2. An old pot or the nail varnish remover lid
  3. Ear buds
  4. A white nail varnish- I used natural collection
  5. A clear or pinky polish- I used Ciate in Beach melba, its a really light pink
Step one- Remove any nail varnish already on your nails and roughly paint the white onto the tips, this doesn't need to be neat just even in colour and allow to dry.

Step 2- Fill your little bowl or lid with nail remover and dip your ear bud into it till lightly damp.
Step 3- With the bud remove the messy edge of the white creating a half moon shape in strokes left to right.

Step 4- Paint your top coat on and there you have it a salon looking manicure easy peasy!



  1. Ooo your nails looks lovely :)
    Im going to give this ago tomorrow

  2. Thanks for sharing I never thought about using ear buds to do a french tip! =)
    Little Petite

  3. X Kristin- Thank u lovely! Let me know how you get on. xx

    X Little Petite- No problem i love using ear buds i don't have a very steady hand lol xx