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Tuesday, 20 September 2011

BB cream review and *Hayley's Marvelous Medicine*

I have now been using the Garnier BB cream for 4 dayS and im starting to like it, it doesn't cover as well as i thought but maybe that's because my skin has so many tones to it black bags etc the cream just can;t handle it! I
I have found putting two applications on works alot better than one and im happy to say it hasn't given me spots even with me putting my usual foundatin etc on top of the cream. The  problem i have with it is i really don't think its worth the £9.99 price tag!

So i asked myself........ Can i make my own BB cream? and the answer is yes!!
So here is the litle concoction i made-
Please note i measured it in blobs lol sorry i can't be more accurate but it will depend on the consistency you want and the products you use.

I used :

  • an empty clean pot 
  • a blob of mac studio fluid fix foundation (any full coverage foundation would work)- This is for coverage
  • a blob of Nivea sun cream 50+ - for its anti ageing properties and protection
  • and finally a blob of Nivea radiance moisturiser - this gives your mixture a glowy sheen
  • Mix and there you have it!

It works for me you can see the glow on the back of my hand

I personally think this is just as good as the BB cream and you can refill your little tub as and when you need more and at a much lower cost it also means that you can get your exact shade as i know the Garnier BB cream only offers light and medium.


  1. thats such a good idea, i will definatly have to try it, im glad i found out from you that the garnier BB cream isnt good for bad circles and dark areas, as i have those things it would of been bad for me. i llove your blog and i will definatly follow;)
    check out my blog? follow me back?
    love molly

  2. x Molly- Thank you for your lovely comment!
    I just don't think the bb cream was as good for my skin type as i thought i just wish it had a bit better coverage so that's when i thought make my own cheaper option xx