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Wednesday, 5 October 2011

£1 Monthly Beauty Box

Yet another package from my poor postman this morning and today's treat was the trial samples i ordered from Latest in beauty.
After reading Lydnsey's blog where she too ordered some treats i thought i would give it ago with her recommendation.  Lyndseys Blog xx

So what is it? Its a monthly beauty box  that is only £1!! which includes p&p and 3 samples. 1 from each category skin care, make up and fragrances and hair and body which you choose yourself so no surprises but you get to choose products to try that are right for you.
Once you've chosen your 3 products you enter you address details etc and text 82085 and they send you a code to type in at the checkout which means no bank details online as the £1 just goes on your phone bill. Clever!!
It doesn't come all jazzed up like a Glossy Box but comes in a pink cardboard box which i think fits through your the standard letter box.

I choose-
Skin care- Skin doctors, Eyetuck- which claims to help reduce the appearance of eye bags i received 3 sachets.

Make up and Fragrance- Crabtree & Evelyn Lily body lotion sachet and a little bottle of the matching Lily eau de toilette. I also got a voucher for £5 off when you spend £25 or more on there website.If anyone want this voucher code?

Hair and body- Burt's Bee, Therapeutic bath crystals which you sprinkle into your warm bath to relieve aching muscles.

For £1 i don't think you can do wrong at all! Along with the monly beauty box they also do luxury samples and monthly themed boxes here is thr website if you wanna have a look too. Here xx


  1. i got mine too i LOVE it such a good idea will be doing it every month :) xxxx

  2. WOW only a pound! I'm doing this now!
    love your blog by the way!

  3. This is a really good idea for sampling something you actually want to try!

  4. X D- Yep only £1 good isn't it! Thank you xx

    X Kate- Thats what i think its great cos you actually get to choose the products xx

  5. This looks like such a fab idea, Ill have to look into it tomorrow. Thanks for sharing hun xx

  6. i think i might try this out thanks for sharing xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/

    Lauren x

  7. Your welcome Kristin and Lauren thanks for reading xx

  8. One pound? Seriously! This is awesome but we don't have it in Asia. I must go back to England! Will definitely follow you to keep me updated with the things that I have missed.xx


  9. This is a really great idea! I might have to try this out :) Thanks! xx

  10. X Maya- I know only £1 includes p&p too! They are rather small samples but still lovely to try different things out. xx

    X Emily- Let me know if you give it ago too xx