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Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Boots product tester - update 1 xx

My morning coffe was interrupted by my postman with a special delivery for me from Boots!!
If you havn't already read my Boots product tester blog click Here xx

So this morning i received a sleek black box from Toni & Guy.

Inside it contained three goodies from there new Hair, meet wardrobe range. That i think was released on the 1st October.
 Toni and Guy want to bring your hair and wardrobe together basically blending both to give you the  catwalk style using different products from there new range casual, classic, glamour and creative they want your hair to be as part of your wardrobe as your favorite jeans or your little black dress to become your ultimate fashion accessory.

I received 2 products from the cleanse and nourish range and one to help achieve the glamour look! Which were, a bottle of cleanse shampoo for damaged hair 250ml, a bottle of the matching conditioner and a spray bottle of glamour moisturinsing sine spray 150ml to review.

The shampoo and conditioner smell amazing the spray smell a little like chemicals but not unpleasant (if thats possible) The bottle are tall and sleek and have that salon look to them, i can't wait to try and will let you know what i think 


  1. This would make a lovely present!
    How many reviews did you write on boots website before they asked you to become a product tester?
    I wanna be one! lol

  2. Great post. I love toni & guy products, havent yet tried these. I love reading reviews before trying out new things

  3. X Kate- It would Kate i will do a seperate review on them but they r amazing!! I wrote about 5-6 reviews i think i was just lucky but you can register intrest into becoming a product tester here

    x-Nikkay- I love reading reviews to its nice to get other peoples opinion, i had never tried Toni & Guy products before!

  4. i love tony and guy its one of my favorite brands xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/

    Lauren x

  5. X Lauren- Ive never used it before but i will from now on lol xx

  6. Looks lovely, looking forward to reading the review.

    Sadie x