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Monday, 3 October 2011

Front Cover eye shadow Dupe!!

Have you heard of the Front Cover make up? 
This is usually my eye shadow of choice as i love the pigment and shimmer there shadows have. Its sold in Boots around Christmas time for £35. 
I love it! But if you look closer at the above picture you start to pick out colours you may not actually wear ie the blue, yellow etc so does it deserve its £35 price tag?? 
 Recently i noticed that boots have started selling them individually for £4 at selected stores.
But then this little baby came into my life! The Mua palette in Heaven and earth.

12 gorgeous brown eye shadows that are just as good if not better than my beloved front cover palette!! and only costs £4, that's as much as just one Front cover shadow!
The MUA shadows blend beautifully for that smoky look, they look, feel and have pigment to them like an expensive shadow and the best thing (apart from the price of course) is i would wear every single colour in the palette.
 I think if i see anymore i might stock up and give the Front Cover palette a miss this year. 
That's 9 of the mua pallets for the price of just one Front cover box! That's 108 eye shadows! 
OK.... OK.. so i might not buy 9 of them but i would defiantly recommend it to all you lovely ladies great for everyday wear and with the rich dark browns in it its great for glam nights out too!!

MUA- heaven and Earth


  1. mua is so pigmented and cheap I <3 mua xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/

    Lauren x

  2. X Lauren- Your right MUA are really pigmented and a bargain you don't expect them to be so good do you? xx

  3. I really need to get my hands on one of these.. they haven't branched out in our superdrug yet and we've still got the £1 product line and thats it. I went to Leeds at the weekend and was excited about entering Superdrug there, knowing I'd get my hands on it, but still nothing! Meh!

  4. X Kate- Oh no Kate i had a bit of trouble getting it too they had the coloured ones but i really wanted the brown one. If you can't find it maybe we can arrange posting one to you or something that's if i can find another one too lol i think its a must have palette xx

  5. I cant wait to buy the MUA heaven and earth palette! I cant find it anywhere near where I live!