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Thursday, 6 October 2011

Mua Nail Varnish Review

I thought i would get in to the Autumn spirit and paint my nails using the bargain Mua nail varnish.
I went for a crunchy copper autumn leaf in a bottle, in the form of shade 7
Isn't it a gorgeous a lovely copper brown colour. It is slightly darker than the pic shows but really beautiful.
I really love the little square bottle and the fact that the brush is short and stumpy as i feel it gave me control when painting my nails especially my left hand (always tricky)

At only £1 from Superdrug i think its a real bargain i'm going to try most of there colours i usually wear Barry M but think this may just be a real threat to them!
Can i also add that i only needed one coat too. 
I without a doubt recommend them and give them a blogging lovely xx 
score of 

What do you think to my Autumn inspired nail colour?


  1. i might go try these out because honestly i thought they were rubbish because of the price but i think i will go and purchase them and give them a chance xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/

    Lauren x

  2. Love that colour and can't believe that you just need 1 coat. And for a pound, it is a great bargain! How long does it last? I bought some elf nail polish and made a review on it yesterday. They are cheap too but I don't like them:(


  3. X Lauren- I thought the same you think the price would reflect in the product but not in this case. xx

    X Mya- I know just one coat! Will let you know how long it lasts before chipping. So far so good. Will check out your blog too as i was going to try the Elf nail varnishes xx

  4. Wow £1 thats fab! I will certainly give these a shot!
    Lovely Autumnal colour
    Thanks for the comment on my blog cause now ive found yours!

  5. Nice colour!


  6. This is definatly worth a try for £1, I was put off by MUA because of the prices but this colour looks lovely! xx

  7. Awesome colour! :) You've got beautiful nails.