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Thursday, 3 November 2011

Another Charity Shop Find!

As i have said before i love charity shopping sometimes i come away empty handed (boo!!) but more times that not i come away with a little treasure.
 In a previous blog i showed a top i bought from a charity shop that was about £2.99 previously from 
Top Shop that is really lovely.

Well this week my charity shop find was...
 shoes!!! (yay!!)

As you can see they are patent black peep toe shoes and i got them for only £4! 
So if you haven't already have a look in your local charity shops DO!!
 You may be surprised at the treasures you might find.
I also go my son 2 Power Ranger DVD's for £2 each i won't add a picture as...
 well quite frankly there not shoes!!

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  1. ooooooooooh love your shoes xx

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