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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Peaceful Pamper Evening!!

As my husband headed of to his weekly football training and my son headed off to bed last night i decided to have a mini pamper evening in peace!

I started with a nice long soak in the bath and scrubbed my skin using my exfoliating gloves.
 I got them from the 99p store for obviously 99p for a pack of 2!! 
If you haven't heard of them before basically there rough textured gloves that you wear in the bath or shower that easily exfoliates your skin.
 Perfect to use before tanning.
 On the gloves i put some original source daily scrub cranberry and honey which has actual black cranberry seeds in it!

I scrubbed my face using Dermalogica mulitivitamin thermafolaint from my gloosy box and then i soaked in the bubbles wearing Dermalogica multivitamin power reciver masque also from glossy box.

After my bath i washed my hair using my loved and reviewed Toni & Guy shampoo and applied the Loreal  conditioner i got in the hair dye (also previously reviewed on my blog) and put on a shower cap that i got free from a hotel we stayed at recently.hehe
 Whilst the conditioner worked its magic i applied E45 cream to my body, its cheap its simple and it soothes my skin after shaving.
 I gently dabbed a bit of the skin doctors eyetuck sample i received in my £1 beauty box i then got in my pjs on and rinsed the conditioner off my hair.

I towel dried my hair and spritzed it with Charles Worthington's heat defence spray and blow dryed my hair i then straightened it curling the ends under slightly as i have a bob.
I finished my hair with a little spray of tresemme shine spray with Argan Oil.

After my bath i applyed a quick layer of st moritz fake tan using my mitt just to give my skin a soft glow rather than a tan.

To finish i painted my nails both fingers and toes in MUA shade 8 a glossy red.
 I then ate a big bar of Turkish delight chocolate and watched ship wrecked lol. 


  1. hello i have given you an award, go check out this post to find out more hehe;L

  2. Sounds like the perfect evening, very envious!x

  3. it sounds like u had a lovely evening xx wish i could do all those right now but i am babysitting :( xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/


  4. I just love the red polish!! so classy :)

  5. liked hearing about your pamper session and the products you used, bet you felt lovely by the time you had finished!

  6. X Mollyoxox- Thank you Molly xxxx

    X- Monday receptionist- It was nice to have some me time and also the tv remote lol xx

    X- RavingBeautyx- I did have a lovely evening thanks hun. Babysitting zzzz lol

    X-Maryam Maquillage- I love red polish too and i agree i think it looks classy and elegant. xx

    X- Ness- It was hun just what i needed xx

    X CaityHeartsFashion- Thank you hun im glad you enjoyed reading my blog. xx