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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Release your inner child!

Remember when you were little eagerly awaiting santa!! How exciting!!
 Will i get that pretty pink barbie ?
those cute Cinderella shoes?? 
Well we can still hope......

Barbie Charm Bracelet - Etsy - £22.46

Cookie Monster  Dressing gown - Play - £29.99

Polly Pocket Necklace - Folksy - £15

Minnie Mouse Nike Trainers - Fresh Creptz - £52.99
Have a look at this website it has lots of cute stuff like this
Rubiks Cube Necklace - Cyberdog - £5

My Little Ponnie Hoodie - Play - £17.99

She-Ra Knickers - Missimo - £4.50

Snoopy Make up Bag - Amazon - £12
Little Miss Nail Varnish - Nails Inc - £12 each

Alice in wonderland jewelry - Cherished Trinkets - from £17

Tinkerbell Christmas Baubles - Christmas decorations outlet - £5.99 for 4


  1. Omg I actually love the Minnie trainers! Might put them on my list ;). Those tinkerbell baubles are really cute too x

  2. i love the alice in wonderland jewelry xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/


  3. Simple Country Girl- I love anything Minnie Mouse at the moment my niece is making it look cute haha. xx

    Cara Robinson- I know brings back memories lol!!! xx

    Raving Beauty- Isn't it pretty i love anything Alice and Wonderland xx