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Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Review- MUA face primer.

For the last few days i have been trying out the MUA make up primer available from Superdrug for £4.

I have been really excited to try this primer and at only £4 it wasn't long till it was coming home with me. (along with some friends of course.)
As i already had make up on that day i had to wait until the next day to try it out and i was really surprised by the consistency of the cream its has the look and feel of a white watery moisturiser that when rubbed in goes clear i was expecting something a little thicker but other than the Garnier BB cream i haven't really tried any primers before.

 I applied it all over my face and put my make up on as usual apparently you can use this under make up or on its own i opted for my full make up as i just don't have skin that could handle just this lol!
As i said before i have been using it for a good few days now and i have to say i haven't really noticed a difference. I don't think its made a difference to my make up application and i can't say i've noticed my make up staying on any longer either so for me a rather disappointing product.
 So the hunt cotinues for a good BB cream or face primer, if any of you lovelies can recommend one for me to try that would be fab i would also love to hear your thoughts on this one too if you have tried it.
Blogging Lovely Rating xx
Its a good price and didn't break me out or leave my skin feeling dry but it just didn't give me the results i was expecting.


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  2. i was gonna try this out but i think i will give it a miss now xx thanks xx

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  3. Warrior of fashion- Thank you thats very kind xx

    RavingBeautyx- Let me know if you find a good alternative im on the hunt. xx