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Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Superdrug Tea Tree cleansing pad review

I was recently introduced to this little skin savior in a pot by my Big sis, Stacey and i loved them so much i ran out to get some for myself.
Lately i have noticed a few spots on my face usually i'm quite lucky and don't really get them but every morning when i got up i noticed another little friend had appeared (maybe not enough beauty sleep?) 
So whilst staying at Stacey's for the weekend she told me to try Superdrugs Tea Tree cleansing pads and although i only used them for a few days one in the morning and one at night i noticed a difference in my skin. 
The pimples seemed to be fading and my skin seemed smoother and more radiant and im putting it all down to my little green pot.

You get 40 tea tree soaked round pads per pot. 
One side is quite rough and the other side is smooth. With facial scrub i usually find there to rough or there not rough enough but with the scrubby pad you decide on how scrubby you want them to be by depending on the pressure you wipe with. Obviously you don't want to move like your sanding a table but around my nose for example i was a little more rough than around my eyes. 
So Using circular motions you use the scrubby side first and finish with the smooth side. 

It left my skin cool, soft, fresh sometimes when using tea tree in the past its made y skin feel quite tight but im glad to say these do no such thing. (Shhh even my husband has had ago and said they were good lol)
On the pot it says not wash your face after so it can carry on working. 
The pads were wet enough with out dripping everywhere and they obviously have that unmistakable smell of Tea tree. 
Each pot of 40 pads is only £2.99 but at the moment Superdrug have an offer 2 Tea Tree products for £3.99 and i loved them so much i just bought two of these.
Blogging lovely rating xx


  1. They sound Fab :-) think might go get some as my skin is getting bad now it's winter :( xxx

  2. they sound good, might go and get some!


  3. Tea Tree is the best! Try pure tea tree essential oil too (you can pick a little bottle of it up out of wilko's/bodycare for £1.50!). Works wonders for me. xx

  4. X MissLyndseyJA- They work for me i love them my skin gets dry and dull in the winter. xx

    X D- I think there great and there cheap too xx

    X Kate- Oh thanks for the tip Kate will have a look in wilkinsons for it xx

  5. I'll definitely have to get these x

  6. they sound really good, i think i may have to pick them up next time i am in superdrug.

  7. thank you so much i am on my monthly right now and my face is covered in spots so today i am gonna run and get these xx thank you xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/


  8. Ness- I love them and im always saying i should use a facial scrub more often so there perfect for me. xx

    Mollyoxox- Did you manage to get some?

    RavingBeautyx- I dunno what is wrong with my skin lately but feel there really helping and not drying my skin out too xx