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Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Customised Shoes

As some of you may already know i love anything crafty. 
I have a little sewing machine station in my bedroom and am hoping to buy a mannequin soon so i can start making some dresses, well that's the idea any way. 
You may have also seen the pictures of my wedding shoes in a previous blog that i customised.

I bought a pair of shoes which were actually reduced in Primark and customised them by sticking gems all over them it took a good few hours and a lot of gems but i love them.

I had a few gems left from the above project and so i decided to customise some leopard print heels on a much smaller scale.
I got the gems from Ebay and stick them down using special glue specifically for craft projects such as these, called Gem Tac which i also bought from Ebay.
 Here are the shoes before.


 Here is what i used. Make sure you buy gems with a flat back so they stick well to the fabric. You may also find it easier to use a paint brush to apply the glue.
 I didn't bother this time as it was only a quick and small project.

I managed to balance the gems along the back seam to try out some different looks before glueing them down. 
I decided on a more subtle look instead.

 I applied a thin even layer of glue to the bow and applied the gems to the wet glue to add a little sparkle. 
Whilst the glue was still wet i wiped around the gems as the glue does dull the sparkle if it gets on the front and left to dry over night.

Just a subtle change but i think quite a pretty one.


  1. very cool. love the idea but I never get around to buying the stuff and doing it. its good if you have old comfys that dont look glam anymore, shoe revival :)

    1. Yay to that Laura! I really enjoy it i stick Eastenders on ad gem away lol xx

  2. wow! so pretty! love the wedding shoes too very artistic!

    1. Thank you. I love them just a shame i dont think i will wear them again xx

  3. that is amazing, i wish i could do stuff like that xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/


    1. You can its really easy hun and doesn't cost to much either xx

  4. Love your wedding shoes!

    Holli x
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    1. Thank you Holli i felt very proud walking in shoes i had customised xx