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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Review- Lush- Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb

My son, Daniel tried out his Ickle Baby Bot Bath Bomb last night as so on his behalf here is a little review on what we thought.

As you can see from the pictures above its a really cute little bath bomb its a lovely baby blue colour and is in the shape of a robot, it has the familiar lush scent but on a baby scale.
 Its a really soft, gentle, subtle smell perfect for little noses and turns the bath water a really pretty pale blue.
My son said it was the best bath he ever had!! However please keep in mind not only did we do his bath bomb but he had a magic Spiderman flannel in there too.
 I remember them from when i was little, you know the flannels that start of as a squashed square and open out in you bath to reveal you favorite character!!!
Daniels Blogging Lovely rating
He loved it!! Well it was the best bath he ever had!!!
However i would personally go for the stronger smelling bombs that fill the house with that lush smell but great for kids and only cost £1.75

I love to watch bath bombs fizzing away!

Very pale blue bath ready for Daniel and Spiderman!


  1. Oh that's so adorable! What a nice post :)
    I want to try a Baby Bot too lol xx

  2. How adorable is that bath bomb, aww! So glad he enjoyed it x

  3. Cara Robinson- Thank you Cara. xx

    Kirsty- Isn't it cute! He enjoyed it very much thank you xx

  4. that bath bomb is so cute xx

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