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Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy 2012 and Review of 17 Magnetized nail polish

Happy New Year!!!xxx
I hope you all had a great new year what ever you got up to.

We just stayed in this year watched films, played DJ Hero ate more than we should of and had a few drinks its was a lovely cosy night in and no hangover!

Although we only stayed at home i still got dressed up a little to bring in the new year and painted my nails using a new polish i picked up recently.

Its number 17 Magnetized nail polish in gun metal. Which is a dark silver colour and costs £5.99 from Boots.

You paint it on your nails as you normally would however whilst the polish is still wet you hover the magnet that is in the removable lid over your nail and the ultra fine metal particles in the polish move under the magnet to create amazing effects on your nails.
You can create different effects by holding the magnet different ways so far i have had length ways across my nails and longways both look amazing. 
The base of the polish as said before it a dark silver colour and the rippled almost galaxy effect is a very dark grey/black. Its really easy to apply and doesn't take any longer to dry than a normal polish.
 It chips quite easily so maybe not a great choice for everyday but i love it for special occasions infact i can't wait to try out the other colours lilac, blue and teal.

For the  index finger and lil finger i turned the magnet to show you the different effects.

Bad nail varnish application by me but this is the colour of the polish without using the magnet.

Blogging Lovely rating xx
Great polish, brilliant effect just wish it was a little more durable. 


  1. thats so pretty and unique xx

    my blog : http://ravingbeautyx.blogspot.com/


  2. that looks soooo cool, i was going to get one, but they had sold out. next time i go i am definatly going to pick one up!

  3. RavingBeautyx- Its good isn't it! xx

    Mollyoxox- They were sold out in mine for ages to now they have all the colours so check ur boots fingers crossed there in stock xx