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Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Feel unique Beauty Box January 2012

This morning i received my Feel unique Beauty box.
This is only my 2nd box from Feel Unique as you know i cancelled my Glossy Box subscription so im very excited to see what goodies they have for me in the my 1st beauty box of 2012.
 Here is the contents exactly as i opened it.

For some reason i didn't get a card explaining the products this time. 
Did everyone else?

This month we were treated to 7 products to try and here they are in a little more detail
Product 1
Anti- oxydant nourishing body lotion.
Claims to leave skin soft, toned and radiant,
£18 for the normal 250ml

Product 2
Comfort peel
As i say i didn't receoeve the card that explains the products in detail and there were no directions for use on the back. A peel to me is a skin mask that you peel off after a quick Google it turns out its actually a renewing cream. It claims to leave a peeling affect by diminishing signs of sun damage and ageing leaving skin soft and smooth instantly and over time claims to transform fine lines and wrinkles.
Usual 40ml £22

Product 3
Green people 
Organic Gentle cleanse make up remover and cleanser
Usual 200ml £15.26

Product 4
Extreme age-defense firming care
Claims to leave skin visibly lifted and regains firmness.
Uusual 50ml £53.20

Product 5
Express conditioner for colour treated hair.
Usual 150ml £12

Product 6 and 7
Dead Sea Spa Magik
Salt brushing
A natural exfoliating salt scrub with pure dead sea salts, coconut oil and vitamin E.
Apply to dry skin and rinse with warm water.
50g x2
Usual 500g £13.30

Overall i am really happy with the products i received this month and i look forward to trying or the lotions and potions out.
As i have said previously the explanation card would have been quite helpful as most of the products are new to me so i am unsure of how to use them especially with a few of them being in French but nothing a quick web browse couldn't help me with.

UPDATE-  Thank you Honey Go Lightly who commented on this blog post which led me to find the missing card stuck under the draw in the box. HAHA! So Thank you for that Hayley xx


  1. Pull the draw fully out and it might be under there. That is where mine was :)

  2. Thank you Honey Go-Lightly it was!!!! What a plum i am thanks u xx

  3. my box was exactly the same, i am happy but at the same time was slightly disapointed as not one make-up products and i got laods of body lotions at xmas. so nice idea but maybe one makeup product. still a bargain though!

    1. I agree a make up item would have been nice but im happy with my box too. Hopefully February will be full of make up for valentines dates lol xx

  4. love it, so perfect!