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Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Revlon Just Bitten Review

I recently bought 2 of the Just Bitten lip stains by Revlon. 
I bought Twilight which is a deep rosie pink for £7.99 and Forbidden which is more of a pink/brown colour in Boots at its current special offer of £5 each.
The top one it the Forbidden and the bottom one is Twilight.

On one end of the pen you get a white lip balm which makes my lips really soft and leaves a very subtle shine.
On the opposite end is the lip stain in the form of a felt tip, which allows for quite a precise application.
You apply it to dry lips ie no lip balm as this helps the stain to really colour the lips leave to dry for 30 seconds and then apply the lip balm.
 I start off by using it almost as you would a lip liner and then i fill in the rest of my lips this gives a nice neat sharp edge.

All great news in terms of making the application really easy and mess free.
 However that said i think i have used each colour twice maximum and as i went to apply it to my lips today to take a picture for you Lovelys and i noticed the felt tip had really dried out making it pretty impossible to get a good coat on. 
I tried my best but it was so patchy i had to swatch it on my hand instead.
Left Twilight. Right Forbidden

At first i thought the felt tip pen was a lot better than a lipstick it enabled me to get right into the corner of my mouth.
Although i have many lipsticks in my collection some that i have kept well over the time i should have but there still wearable and going strong. 

On the few times i used it on my lips before it drying out i found it went on really well, nice and even and was a really pretty and bold colour.
However after about an hour i found it had really started to wear away mainly on the outer edges of my lips.
In the middle of my lips where i tend to get dry it was still a really deep colour im guessing thats where the stain had stuck to the dry parts as a fake tan does. It just looked ridiculous and the name of the product finally hit me its called just bitten as it looks like ive bitten my own lip!! Hideous!
I am so disappointed with this colour and i'm even thinking of writing to Revlon to tell them what i think.
 I understand this type of product will dry out as a normal felt tip pen would but not that quickly. £12.99 for 4 applications is a lot of money therefore obviously i would not recommend these to you at all!!!
 I would however recommend the Barry M lip stain as raved about in a previous blog here.
(and its cheaper)

Blogging Lovely Rating
Nice idea but didn't work at all.

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  1. try it as eyeshadow blend it in quickly after applying works a treat