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Saturday, 14 January 2012

Help make my skin glow!! xx

I need your help ladies!!
Im looking for a highlighter or a shimmer blush to add to my little make up collection. 
I have heard good things about Sue Moxley's new range of make up, Famous and i really want the shimmer brick typically it had £2 off of it at the moment but can't find it anywhere!!
 So im looking for other options i used to have the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick and LOVED it but at £30 it rather expensive.

So this is where im hoping you ladies can help me by suggesting a highlighter you have tried and love???
Should i just save my pennies and buy the Bobbi Brown shimmer brick?

Thanks in advance ladies


  1. How about the Sleek contour kit? You get a bronzer and a lovely powder highlighter... Or The Body Shop do shimmer bricks too, and they're much cheaper than the Bobbi Brown one :) xx

    1. Thank you for your advice Cara will have to have a look at the sleek and body shop shimmers. I already have a sleek blush in pixie which i love. xx

  2. im not sure what to reccomend hunnie sorry xx

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  3. I haven't tried the bobbi brown one or the Sue Moxley one so not sure what they're like but my favourite highlight is benefit high beam I love it!! my favourite shimmery blush is NARS Orgasm it's a lovely peachy colour with a bit of gold glimmer :) xx


    1. Katherine im very tempted by the high beam i have been watching reviews on it on youtube. You can also get £5 off online benefit purchases when you buy a can of coke!! Thanks so much for your advice xx