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Monday, 16 January 2012

Boots product tester - update 4- Vaseline Moisturiser

I have previously blogged about being a product tester for Boots

I don't get paid to leave reviews on there website but i do get to keep the products that they send me and this morning i received 3 bottles of the Vaseline Moisturiser in 3 200ml bottles.

The cocoa Radient, Aloe vera fresh and Oats essential moisturiser.

Im am a really big fan of Vaslines lip products but have never tried any of there moisturisers before so im happy to try them out especially with the dry prune like skin i get in the winter.

I've had a little sniff sniff of them and rubbed them into my hands hands as you do. One of them sadly reminds me of public toilets eek!! I don't like to point fingers this early on but i think it maybe the Oats one as i stupidly took this picture of the cream on the back of my hand....

 and then just rubbed them in altogether.
So I will let you know when i have found out which one it is for sure as it could have just be all the creams mixed together that are giving a delightful bog odour.
However that being said it has left my hands and neck (3 blobs were to much for my hands to handle) really soft with a slight coating i know that sounds strange and im finding it hard to explain but basically i can feel there is product on my skin but can't feel the product in a greasy or oily way it just feels protected and they are a bargain price in Boots especially as they are currently on special offer.
The aloe fresh was £2.79 now £1.86
The cocoa radiant was £3.55 now £2.37
and finally
The Oats essential moisture was £2.85 now £1.90.
As i sit here and type i have to say the toilet duck smell is fading but i will do an updated review if needed after i have used them for abit longer.

Have you tried anything from the Vaseline range other than the lip balms?
I'm also still thinking of buying the Vaseline Creme brulee have any of you lovely's tried it?


  1. Never tried Vaseline body lotions, Ive allways been put off as Vaseline (petroleum jelly) is a barrier and doenst moisturise in the slightest. but they must add more to these, good price too x

    1. Does vaseline not create a moisturised barrier? They are quite a good price i agree xx

  2. my favorite is the coca radiant one, i use it as my moisturizer every day xx



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    1. I think thats my fav too. I seem to always pick up things that are cocoa butter products xx

  3. I think if I ever bought the chocolate vaseline I'd just want to eat it! :D